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Free Up Cash

When you need to free up cash so that you can continue to grow your business operations or commercial real estate portfolio, you want immediate answers. 


If a business owner has accrued equity in the commercial property, it may be possible to pull out a portion of it as cash to be used for other purposes.

Remember, your refinance costs are tax deductible which means When you refinance your loan, all the costs are deductible. You can write off your points, your loan fees, any legal or title fees you pay and any recording fees or registration taxes that your city, county, or state charge. However, you will need to divide these costs by the length of the land and write off a commensurate portion every year. For example, if your closing costs are $16,500 for a loan with a 10-year term, you’d be able to claim $1,650 a year in costs.


An investor in Illinois wanted to take cash out of their multifamily property and refinance into a more stable, long-term loan. Both goals were accomplish  with a 30-year fixed rate loan.

Closed Loan in Chicago, IL

Commercial Loan Program

This can be an effective way to:

  • Avoid a balloon payment and reduce your current interest rate
  • Finance property repairs or improvements.
  • Provide working capital for day-to-day business needs and things like inventory, hiring more employees, or running an advertising campaign.
  • Purchase additional commercial properties.

You Have Options

Consider refinancing your commercial property into a new low-cost product for the best results.

Our free commercial finance quote form will allow you to submit your information to find out if you prequalify for a Complete Documentation, Lite Documentation, 1-4 Unit Investor Program or No Tax Return Program finance option. 

Light Industrial

The borrower in this transaction was a business owner who did not wish to submit tax return documentation at any point in the lending process. The borrower submitted 12 consecutive months of business bank statements and was approved for a 5-year loan with a 30-year amortization.

Closed Loan in Naples, FL

No Tax Return Program


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